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“Because of Ms. Childs’ diligent, dedicated hard work and vast knowledge, my business dispute was settled easily and quietly.”— E.B., Client

Business Dispute & Litigation Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

Trust among business partners is essential to success. When you discover that your business partner is not deserving of that trust, you need attorneys who focus on resolutions to business disputes. Most fights are over one of three things: ownership, money, or control. Whatever the source of the conflict, we help you turn anger into action.


Your Goal is Our Goal … Finding the Best Solution

Our business dispute attorneys in Atlanta work with business owners locked into a struggle with their partners. We help them figure out a way to work together…or not. Each business relationship is unique. Our job is to help you find the best business solution for your individual situation.

Our Business Attorneys

» Kimberly A. Childs
» Heather L. Wagner

Common Problems for Business Owners that Cause Disputes:

  • Someone is trying to steal your company.
  • A partner has been stealing money or misusing company funds.
  • You are being forced out of a business you started.
  • You and your business partners are deadlocked.

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